Filter Functional Tester

This tester has been designed to test the filters applied in the oil and petrochemical industry.



A device that has the ability to test and evaluate the specifications of air filters. Using a software, the user determines the volume of air flow that passes through the filter and then, the type and amount of input dust is determined. After starting the testing process, the machine produces the diagrams by blowing a certain amount of air and adding a bit of dust and applying the relevant measures (in particular the air pressure in two ends of the filter). Moreover, output dust of the filter is measured through the measuring sensors and performance and effectiveness of filtering is tested.


• Moisture meter: The measuring range of 25% to 95% with an accuracy of 5%

• Blown air flow rate: from 10 cubic meters to 1800 cubic meter of air with an accuracy of 1%

• Measuring temperature from minus 50 to plus 75 ° C

• Pressure measurement from 0 psi to 20,000 psi with accuracy of 1.0 percent from four point of open air, compressor, filter input and output

• Estimating the input air speed from 1.0 to 100 kilometers per hour

• Dust injection: Two types of dust with dimensions of 5 to 200 micrometers

• Dust injection forms: Controlled and regular injection of 0.1 to 200 grams per hour

• Filter dimensions: Ability to test the filters with maximum length of 1300 mm and maximum diameter of 580 mm

• Drawing four graphs: Flow-pressure, temperature-time, the pressure difference between two ends of the filter and the efficacy and effectiveness of different dust filter

• Printing the test condition and test results

• Device power: 3 phase 380v AC ~10 Amp

• Maximum diameter: 500 cm length, 80 cm width and 280 cm height

• All in one computer

• Vertical plexiglass filter test chamber with a thickness of 10 mm and 20 mm

• Filters installing by one person

• Full compliance with ISO 11155-2

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