Audio Guide System

This is a guide system for visitors and tourists that send all the necessary information and sound to them in a particular point and location.



In this system, a set of transmitters and receivers are connected. Transmitters are installed in the location and receivers are carried by visitors. With visitors in a certain point receivers gets the related information to that location and subject and play it in the direction of individuals’ face.



• Absolutely directed with partial performance range

• Playing all of the locally sounds in the ears of the audience without causing noise pollution

• Fully automatic performance without user intervention

• First state: playing the sound and music content to objects, space or a mute point

• Second state: audio playing of those systems with audio components, such as TV, monitor, projector

• Third state: Independent and parallel playing of audio tour guide for several groups

• Running over 10,000 points for the first state

• Administering five different languages for the first state

• Creating silent mode and eliminating noise pollution for the second state

• Simple application with no need for maintenance and simple upgrade


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