Sensor & Actuator

Two vital systems

Sensors and actuators are two important elements in the processes that are closely related to the physical and mechanical world. Sensors convert mechanical and physical quantities into electrical signals and actuators convert electrical signals into mechanical or physical quantities. Both of these components have diverse functions, price and details and they require extensive research. There are so many types of these components which are chosen based on operational details. Most of the systems contain some example of these two groups. In past years, we have dealt with so many sensors and actuators and the below list contains those that we have experienced:


• Acoustic, sound, vibration

• Automotive, transportation

• Chemical

• Electric current, electric potential, magnetic, radio

• Flow, fluid velocity

• Ionizing radiation, subatomic particles

• Navigation instruments

• Position, angle, displacement, distance, speed, acceleration

• Optical, light, imaging, photon

• Pressure

• Force, density, level

• Thermal, heat, temperature

• Proximity, presence

• Other sensors

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