Electronic Design

We enjoy it....

For  half a century, electronics has provided many tools for control science and many possibilities for processing large and complex systems. This branch of science has now reached its maturity and there are some reliable and efficient components that provide answers for almost any given control and processing challenges. Until a new and less costly science is introduced, it will keep its place in the industry.

The main specialization of Raytoun is electronic engineering. This company has plenty of experience in electronic systems and it has access to components suppliers, human resources and partner companies. We have the ability of analyzing, designing and implementing various systems, modules and electronic boards. Our team possesses valuable experience in the following areas:


• Designing embedded systems

• Digital electronics, analog and complex systems

• Schematic design and PCB up to 16 layers

• Software Programming

• Board 3D designing, wiring and packaging

• Integrating and simplifying

• Implementation, production and tests



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