Embedded system

Small in size, high in performance

There was a time when mechanics had all the controlling, processing and storing information in its hands. Almost 40 years ago, with gradual increase of electronic ability this task has been handed to discrete hardware and after that by emersion of low-cost and small processors the processing and control routines has become program lines. Nowadays, software does most of these works and hardware role has been reduced to an input and output communication system. Many small systems can be named that does such things as control and processing. A software which is implanted by a limited processor (compared with PC processor) programs the details of the ongoing task. Reliability, overall size and power consumption of the processor are the main sources of the final cost. It is via some communication ports that many of the embedded systems may communicate with other systems. These systems are very diverse and may include some operating systems such as Linux or Android. In Raytoun group we have the ability to analyze the problems and design some of these systems and we are interested in designing, constructing and prototyping based your needs. Hardware designing, part selection, implementation and programming of the system are parts of our specialty and we are pleased about it.

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