Bubble Point Tester

A bubble point tester is a system designed to test the filters applied in the oil and petrochemical industry.


The procedure of a bubble point test is as follows: A controlled flow of gas is applied to one side of a wetted filter, with the tubing downstream of the filter submerged in a bucket of water. The exact amount of transferred air volume and the outcome pressure is measured. The first bubble point of filter quality appears and welding sections and aperture diameter of filter media is tested and finally the results will be reported to study.


• Full compliance with ISO 2942:2004

• Filter length from 100 to 1800 mm

• Filter rotation speed from 0.1 to 60 rpm

• Ability to work with different fluids

• Accurate measurement of the current in 3 ranges with accuracy of 0.01:

o 0-30 CCM

o 0-200 CCM

o 0-1000 CCM

• 0 -20 000 kPa pressure measurement with an accuracy of 10 Pascal

• Temperature measurement in the range of minus 10 to plus 50 ° C with an accuracy of 0.1 degrees

• 256 step injection of airflow with four different programming models

• The ability to graph the flow and flow volume and printing the results

• Automatic and manual testing

• Determination of the correct test pattern and automatic detection of filter health



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