Pro Linear Welding Machine

This machine has been designed and implemented in a short time to control micro TIG and micro-plasma torch that have the capability of delicate welding.



To create a linear weld on the pieces that are of high sensitivity and delicacy, an electromechanical system should move the welding torch on the intended parts linearly. This procedure differs for any type of part or welding and the user should be able to change the parameters to a desired mood.


Technical details:

• The length: 2000 mm

• Movement type: Ball Screw

• The speed of movement: from 0.01 millimeter to 2000 mm per minute

• The ability to plan and longitudinal motion stop

• Weaving movement (torch alternate lateral motion)

o Variable speed from 0.1 mm to 5 mm per second

o Motion rage of 10 mm

o chain, triangular, arcuate, square, three-step and sinusoidal torch motion

• Wire feeder speed from 1 mm to 2000 mm per minute

• Very special pneumatic and copper jaw

• Clamping pneumatic jack

• Starting and controlling the welding machine

• Adjustable movement of torch with 4 degrees of freedom

• Aluminum and adjustable system

• Ability to create welding model profiles with various parameters and the possibility of storing and retrieving them


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