AK-47 Gun Simulator

This series helps people to fire the infamous war gun, the Kalashnikov, with recreational and training purposes without being threaten by any danger. All the positions and moods of shooting are simulated so that users experience an almost real feeling of firing a gun.


This system includes a gun, a computer, an archery board and some electronic circuits. The computer displays some targets through a projector on an archery board. Electronic systems detect user shooting location and target and transfer it to the computer and the final scores are given. All the movements and performance of the user are recorded and can be reviewed, saved and restored as a shooting model.


Shooting menus:

• Fixed targets

• Moving targets (two-dimensional, predictable or random, linear or curved)

• Speedy

• Hostage release

• Dealing with snipers

• Natural environment with these variables:

o Brightness: night, day

o Weather: rain, snow, smooth

o Geographical location: forest, desert, mountain and urban environment

o Types of targets: Targets, dummy, barrels or enemy soldiers


Technical Details:

• Real gun without any changes in appearance and weight

• Shooting sound in time of firing

• Maintaining the gun trigger system and its main bolt

• Shooting accuracy of 2 mm at a distance of 5 meters

• Effective boards with 2200 mm long and 1700 mm wide

• Resistant touch panel

• Weapon storage compartment

• No need for the floor, ceiling and wall of the installation hall

• Appearance consistent with the natural environment of shooting



More Information : Gun-Simulator.Com

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